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another interesting internet fad

September 12, 2005 by Saar Drimer

A 21 year old came up with a clever idea to cover his university fees and still be left with (lots of) change. The result is theMillion Dollar Homepage. This is another one of those internet fads that have an interest spike that quickly trails off. However, the original innovator gets to make a good sum of cash in the process, while the imitators don’t get to make much, if any, money. I doubt that the guy will be able to cash-in more than $20K or so before the interest dies out. (This prediction excludes the chance that would buy a banner size ad from him, of course; they are the ones who bought the 10 year old “virgin mary grilled cheese sandwich” and other crap on ebay for publicity.) Still, that’s good profit for a good idea like that. I wish him all the best and once again, disappointed that I did not think of it myself.

(imitators here and here.)

Maybe I should have my own “The $1000 For Your Name On The Thanks Section Of My PhD Thesis Homepage” to fund my studies. You think that would work?


  1. Sina says:

    This is a great idea :). You’ll make even more money by making it exclusive. That is, for one million$ you would not thank any one, not even your advisor or family, and thank only e.g. “Jake’s Casino, Bar and Barbecue” in Mississippi for their “intellectual” contributions to your thesis.
    Now that I am thinking about it, similar ideas might have originated the legend of Dr. Johann Faustus.

  2. H.L. Menken said: “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” I (and you, I think) are proud to be part of the majority that can’t bear to take this advice.
    – The Precision Blogger

  3. Chris says:

    What do you think about these new web sites selling pixels? I’ve just put mine online at Bloc de pub, in french, and i’m trying to promote it on the Web. And I also make it cheaper, only 10 euros for a bloc of 10×10 pixels, to allow more people to advertise on it (like blogs or personnal web site). I just think 100$ for a bloc (what the other sites are doing) is quite expensive for an individual who has his own personnal web site !
    Do you think this can of web site can last for a long time or it’s juste a temporary web site ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can you explain a bit more about another interesting internet fad ? Thanks

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