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ever tried buying NEW unwashed and untorn jeans?

August 16, 2007 by Saar Drimer

I guess I am un-cool, trying to purchase a pair of jeans that are NOT “pre-washed”, “pre-patterned”, and “pre-torn” (George Carlin comes to mind with all this excessive use of pre-whatever).

I have just returned from a 10 day trip to Boston, where I attended a conference and presented a paper (which won “Best Student Paper“!) One of the items on my shopping list was a new pair of jeans, as my previous ones are torn, patterned, washed from real-life events. I wasn’t prepared to how difficult this would be.

Essentially, most jeans today come “pre-cooled”, which means that they have patterns on them that emulate heavy use and have torn bits which are “pre-patched”. When I confront “sale associates” with this issue they are a bit dazzled but soon realize that indeed, I am in a bit of a “situation” as non of the jeans they have on offer answer to my unique requirements: jeans that look new! (Some “associates” said that that is the first time they ever thought of this.)

I finally found a pair at Macy’s; it was not exactly the figure I was looking for, but I figured that if I want new jeans that looked new, my options are incredibly limited.


  1. Helen says:

    Hi Saar

    Congrats on your award. Great news!

    Out here in the old west you can find uncooled jeans in stores where the people shop who actually wear them to work in. Not “fashion statement” people, but actual working people – ranchers and farmers and construction workers and so forth.

    You probably know the original Levi’s jeans were created in SF for the gold prospectors and other outdoor working people back in the day. (49ers)

    Glad to hear things are going well for you.


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