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Good music makes you feel older

March 25, 2012 by Saar Drimer

We went into Ryman’s for some reason and actually entered my teenage years. RV from Faith No More was playing, and I started rocking my head in three degree movements. I told Caroline to keep moving to Sainsbury’s while I stayed there enjoying my teenage space among the stationary and oblivious pen-seekers.

When we last went to the Natural Science Museum a guy was playing Enter Sandman from Metallica in the tunnel between the South Kensington tube station and Museum Cluster. Think about the age demographics he’s appealing to for 20p. I’m it. Rapidly approaching middle age with a rebelion spark that’s still brought out by what has become background musac in a store and fermented underground passages.

When I hear Highway to Hell in an elevator, I’ll retire.

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