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Hot sauce

January 5, 2012 by Saar Drimer

I was left with a bunch of semi-dry lovely hot peppers from the summer/autumn yield. Some I cut up and put in olive oil for “chili oil”, and others I used to experiment with making my own hot sauce. After some research, the recipe shown in this video appealed to my senses — I particularly liked the sherry twist to quickly add that aging flavor. Shopping for distilled vinegar, I discovered sherry vinegar and thought that this could do the trick, combining both ingredients. I blended a few peppers, sherry vinegar, garlic, and salt and the result is pretty good; very hot. Fresh, there was a slight aftertaste that I did not particularly like, but it might be the amount of vinegar — I usually don’t like hot sauces to taste too vinegary (like Tabasco, and unlike my favorite sauce, Cholula). It might be the garlic, though; I need to experiment more.

This simple sauce is not far off from what you can get in a bottle at a supermarket, but it’s cheap, quick to prepare, and doesn’t have the typical additives. Also, one can tweak the ingredients according to taste.


  1. Caroline says:

    Lovely peppers, lovely sauce! Loved it!

  2. owen says:

    hey saar, came snooping around to see if you’re still alive. happy new year, hope all is going well and you are in good health. i’m still doing paid work like before so very little change for me (apart from living in ireland). ciao, owen

  3. Karen Drimer says:

    Hello Saar, I enjoyed your story about planning to sell the TV magazines, it made me laugh. You helped me get in touch with my uncle David a few years ago and I am grateful. I have made some other connections of my dad’s family from being in touch with David. I hope you are well. Kind Regards, Karen. By the way, I like your art as well.

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