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February 28, 2006 by Saar Drimer

I’ve seen some PhD Comics strips long ago, before I actually became a graduate student. Now I found it again, and the latest is really good:

PhD comic

And, a couple of weeks ago Adams produced the funniest Dilbert strip ever:

dilbert comparative literature

(click images for larger versions)


  1. Helen says:

    Very funny Dilbert. So, whattaya tryin’ ta say here?

  2. Em says:

    :P~~ on Dilbert. That comic is just another variation on an old theme. At least no-one can throw the “I’m a humanities major; you want fries with that??” joke in my face anymore!! hahaha (umm, maybe “I’m a humanities major; you want a snowball with that??” ;) Seriously, thanks for telling D I should take the job — we definitely got a few more days of indecision out of that one! :)

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