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July 28, 2013 by Saar Drimer

It’s a distinct kind of joy to have my inner-engineer take over. One such memorable period was during my undergraduate senior design project when I worked like mad for twelve weeks to build a camera with an FPGA on it from scratch, PCB included. I didn’t quite finish the whole thing, but was the only one who got an ‘A’ in the class. This project got me the ‘Dean’s Award’ and later let me nail an interview, after which I got a job at the only company I really wanted to work for, at a time when no-one else was getting jobs in Silicon Valley back in Autumn of 2002. I’m really proud of that work. I’m not writing all this to boast — trust me, I’ll happily tell you that I’m not that smart — but to say that ever since I’ve been looking to replicate this elated feeling of engineering-driven obsession.

That time was a peak that I wasn’t quite able to experience since, not professionally nor academically. Sure there were some local maxima along the way, but not quite that long-lasting feeling of “I want to shout to the world that I love what I do!” kind. Recently I stumbled on something that got me to that peak again — a combination of my life-long obsession with doodling, love for hardware design, and an awesome programming language called Python. By luck — yes, luck — I got into a situation where starting to write PCBmodE seemed like a good idea, combining years worth of random ideas and concepts that I kept in my head. Embarrassingly too long into the project I realised that since I’m enjoying this so much I should try to make a business out of it. It was one of those duh! moments in the shower. You know the kind.

So I aim to make PCBmodE and Boldport a successful and dynamic company. It will be hard. It might fail. But the good news, to those who know me and those who have been following me on this blog for years, is that things are going well for me right now — I love what I do!

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  1. master says:

    I have that feeling in general sense. I mean, I really like what I`m doing in most of the cases, but some time I`am just busy with some trash and it is a kind of silly, but that what is life consists of.

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