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January 29, 2005 by Saar Drimer

OK. for some reason I tried to be a perfectionist with this weblog (I just hate the term ‘blog’) and it took me a while to get it right and to my satisfaction. I took a template from‘s template contest; I chose “gutenberg” and editted it a little. I also learned CSS in the process and did everything “by hand,” so that’s cool.

I hope you enjoy this weblog as long as it last…


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  1. […] I’ll be away until Monday, so try to cope with my absence the best you can. If you find yourself unable to proceed with your normal lifestyles, read some previous posts to alleviate the pain. If that fails, check out the updated link list (otherwise known as “blogroll” which is another “blogosphere” word I am not fond of) on the right for some distraction. If that doesn’t work, get some paid help (and a life,) I’ve exhausted my abilities :) […]

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